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VIDEO: Discovering the Surfsong Villa Resort in Tortola

It’s one of those places where you’d want to be even if there weren’t a great resort on the grounds. The Surfsong Villa Resort is set on the ​​eastern end of Tortola,​ British Virgin Islands, just off Beef Island on Well Bay, a tucked-away spot you could drive by a million times and never know…
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Best people, amazing views, and awesome experience!

Best people, amazing views, and awesome experience! I don't even know where to start, but I'll try. This was the most romantic, perfect little place. Everything was clean and convenient. The staff were so friendly and fun to talk to. Every person went out of their way to be accommodating. I cannot say enough great…
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Second time even better than the first!

The title of this review may be misleading. Truth be told, this was our 6th stay at Surfsong, and our second review of this truly wonderful place. While we travel to other destinations during the year, Surfsong has become a special place to come back to each year. The property is gated and private, and…
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